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Track Induction

17 seats available

January 19, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


3, NTS House, Mapple Court, 3 Davenport Sreet, Macclesfield SK10 1JE
Macclesfield, SK10 1JE United Kingdom

Number of delegates 12


Track Induction Course (TIC) Overview

This course is designed to train persons who are new to track and whose work may involve the maintenance, inspection or renewal of the track or other duties that may affect the stability, position or integrity of the track infrastructure. TR1 – Maintain Permanent Way Assets This course runs for a duration of 10 days and includes the PTS sections. For those who already have PTS competence the PTS section does not need to be re-certified.


Aim of Track Induction Course (TIC)  To provide the basic underpinning knowledge of permanent way construction, components and working methods associated with maintenance, renewal, repair, adjustment and dismantling of permanent way assets. This course also includes First Aid training, Manual handling and fire safety awareness. It also teaches the candidates how to use the tools and carry out the jobs for repair, renewals or maintenance of the railway.


Pre-requisite Requirements For The Track Induction Course (TIC)Before attending this training a person must be proven medically fit in accordance with NR/L2/CTM/021 Competence and Training in Track Safety. Also, they should have successfully completed the Company Induction Module and Personal Track Safety Training.

At the end of the training the delegate will be able to: Identify and describe the function of each of the component parts of the track infrastructure


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